Initiating Operation Ginnungagap...

Hello? It's Morn. Phase one of the operation is completed.

The wiki now has 10 pages and I have contacted the three separate Science Adventure wikis to discuss a possible convergence. They are ignoring me however, or seem to not check their forums on a regular basis.

What do they think I am, a shameless copycat? ... What do you mean they think I'm incapable?! ... Of course I will get other members to my wiki. It's all in due time.

The Organization must be plotting against me. They must have caught on to my tracks that I am trying to unify the communities of the Science Adventure Universe, and if I do that, they won't stand a chance! They are scared of my potential! Mwahahahahahaha!

Yes, I understand that I may fail. If no one comes to support me, I will be all alone trying to fight against the Organization. I doubt I will succeed.

The separate wikis may stay separate, and I may be but a small voice in a large choir. I may end up becoming the laughing stock of the wikia community. But that doesn't matter. All that matters is that the community of the Science Adventure Universe has a good, reliable, simple, and efficient wiki to get all of the information on the Science Adventure Universe. As long as the community is happy, I am happy.

From now on, it's either sink or swim. Either the I combat the Organization with my wits, or the Organization wins. I will not back down!

So long as I am left standing...

I will try my best until I fall over dead!